The Most Beautiful Dancer

Every time I hear a woman share that she couldn’t imagine participating in a Bellydance class because she is afraid or ashamed of her belly, a pang of Sisterhood recognition beats inside my heart with understanding for what is happening deep inside of her. When I was a young child I loved dancing and moving […]

Join the reLOVelution!

reLOVelution is a social movement that explores and encourages rethinking mainstream concepts of community, family, and romantic relationships. Mainstream culture leaves these elements of human relationships to develop “organically”; reLOVelution demonstrates the means by which we might intentionally design and cultivate our relationships to ensure strength, autonomy, health, and stability over time.

Behind the Veil…

Typically, people think of Bellydance as an exotic form of stage and movie entertainment. I teach Bellydance “Behind the Veil” to reveal secrets of the ancient Harem and Temple Dances that promote and celebrate the beauty and strength of the human body. My classes show women how to use dance movements that are similar to […]