Facilitating groups and circles for over a decade, Lisa Myla Sandhusen brings expert communication skills, the flair of an artist, and the heart of a teacher. Weaving together her experience as a community builder, relationship coach, performer and teacher, Lisa creates ideal spaces for connection, exploration and growth. Spaces steeped in safety, and filled with her unconditional love of humanity.

Lisa is a proud mother, wife and lover, and sister to many. The founder of many community based groups, Lisa lights up when discussing her latest project – the reLOVelution! & Secrets from Behind the Veil – Bellydance Moves You can use. Through these two outlets, she continues her work of fostering vital communication and relationship skills that support people in developing and nurturing relationships of every kind.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys gardening, hanging out with her family and friends, studying mythological histories, astrology and esoteric mysteries, experimenting with smoothie recipes and using those moves!