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reLOVelution is a grassroots movement dedicated to nurturing humanities evolution through social permaculture and relating by design. Social gatherings and collaborative community education provide social support, education, and personal growth for adventurous, autonomous people from a diversity of backgrounds interests and experience.

The principles of Social Permaculture are focused on creating a thriving social community. Through a variety of lecture, discussion, embodied movement, deep listening and other creative approaches, the reLOVelution educates individuals and groups.  By developing vital communication and relationship practices, people can better cultivate the relationship to self and expand the concepts to more fully enjoy  relationships of every kind.

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Secrets from Behind the Veil

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Embodied Movement: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Typically, people think of Bellydance as an exotic form of stage and movie entertainment. Myla's concept of Secrets from Behind the Veil introduces the secrets of the ancient Harem and Temple Dances that promote and celebrate the beauty and strength of the human body. Dance movements similar to martial arts disciplines build strength and harmony throughout the body. Using the medium of dance and meditative movement, her students learn how Bellydance can be used as a Tantric Healing Practice to awaken the body's living consciousness.

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